After Care




    • Two 1-oz. tubes of Neosporin, Bacitracin, or triple antibiotic ointment with zinc
    • Ten 3×3 sterile gauze pads
    • Medicated baby powder (such as Caldesene Baby or Gold Bond Baby Powder)

Note: for your convenience, I usually supply all the post-bris supplies.


Caring for the Baby:


The first 6-12 hours after the bris, at every diaper change:

  1. Wash hands well with soap.
  2. Remove the outer 3×3 gauze pad.
  3. Apply a line of ointment to a new sterile 3×3 gauze pad and wrap it around the bris area. Please do not remove the original inner bandage!
  4. Make sure to double-diaper the baby to ensure his comfort.
  5. Please, do not bathe the baby during this time, unless the inner bandage falls off.

After 12-24 hours:

Please do not apply any more antibiotic ointment, it may cause excess swelling. Double diapers and gauze are also no longer needed.

For the next 5 days:

  1. Bathe the bottom half of the baby at least 2 times daily with a lot of mild baby soap and very warm water. A temporary bandage will be in place and will come off in the bath. Don't pull it off, allow it to come off slowly.
  2. If there is any spotting after the bandage falls off, one application of the baby powder will be sufficient after the bath.
  3. Some redness is normal, the bath will help reduce any swelling and discomfort. If you notice the new skin growth sticking to the diaper or a lot of redness, you may apply bacitracin around the bris area directly, but please do so only as needed.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly clean the bris area after changing dirty diapers and point down when closing the diaper!


I am available to answer any questions by phone or for house calls 24 hours a day.


That’s all, may he grow up to Torah, Chupah, and Ma’asim Tovim - To Learning, Marriage, and Good Deeds!