Check List

If any health-related concern develops (i.e rash, fever, etc.) before the bris, it should be brought to the mohel’s attention immediately.

The child’s last feeding should conclude half an hour prior to the bris.

Please bring the following items, if you cannot please ask me and I will gladly bring them myself:

  • 5 diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • A change of clothes
  • 2 Baby blankets
  • Baby’s bottle containing formula or breast milk if pumping
  • Tallis (prayer shawl)
  • Kippot or Yarmulkes for your guests
  • Kiddush cup and sweet, red, kosher wine – NOT DRY
  • Besamim - Fragrant spices (Sefardic custom)
  • Tealight Candles - To be lit during the ceremony

NOTE: Please see to it that the parents and baby are present 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time so the ceremony can run as planned.


Honors at the Bris Ceremony:

  • Kvatter - brings the baby into the ceremony, usually a married couple
  • Placing the baby on the throne of Elijah
  • Lifting the baby from the throne
  • Sandak - holds the baby during the bris
  • Lifting the baby from the Sandak
  • Standing Sandak - holds the baby during the naming
  • Reciting the Brachos and Naming the Baby - someone who can read Hebrew. (Don't worry I can do this if you want.)

Please be sure to notify all those who will be receiving important honors so that they can make sure to come on time. There are also many other honors available, let the mohel know if you have other guests who you would like to get involved.